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The History:
The Java Instant Messenger project started sometime in June 2001. The project slowly began to take shape over the summer and then finally I added AIM support using TOC, with some help from the firetalk c lib (thanks Ian). I regestered it as a Source Forge in the November 2001.

The Code:
All of my development is done with IBM's Visual Age for Java. This was the first tool I used when I started coding in Java and have been using it ever since. Since June it has been one lonley developer coding away. I started the jaimlib and the AimPlugin in late October and am still debuging the initial version.

The People:
Name: Jason "SuperHuman" Dominiczak
Position: Lead Developer, Webmaster, firearms expert (hehe)

Name: Shailesh Gokhale
Position: ICQ Developer

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